How to: Decals on the Uber Chic Mat

I have recently realised I am super behind with so many reviews so today's post will feature some stencils that Born Pretty Store sent me about 5 thousand years ago. They are meant to be applied directly onto the nail but I decided to try it out with my Uber Chic Mat and create decals. It was so much easier than I thought it would be! I also added a little step by step guide. I explain it all below.

triangle geometric grey pattern nail art futuristic

First, let's talk pattern. Actually, that's probably a bad idea as pattern is my favourite kind of nail art so I can talk for England! I'll try to keep it short and sweet but I'm not promising anything! So for this particular design I used 2 stencils from the picture below. As I said before they are from Born Pretty Store and they currently retail at $1.69. There are 10 full nail stencils in a packet and they feature 3 different patterns. For this design I chose the triangles.

bps stencils vinyls full nail sheet geometric review


Cirque 'Page Six' - Collection 'Carribean Crush' - Models Own 'Sarong Wrap' 'Beach Bag' 'Turquoise Gloss'

uber chic mat decals tutorial how to alternative

Step 1. Apply the stencil on your silicone mat making sure it sticks well.
Step 2. In straight lines, apply 2 different nail polish shades on your stencil, covering about half of your pattern.
Step 3. Repeat the process until you cover your entire pattern.
Step 4. Using a stamping scraper remove the excess polish as soon as your stencil is fully painted.

TIP: This step is not essential and you can move straight to the next step. However if you don't scrape the excess polish off, remember that your pattern will take longer to dry.

Step 5. Remove your stencil to reveal your colourful pattern.
Step 6. Repeat the process as many times as you need. I used 2 stencils per hand for this design.

Um, but hold on, how do you get your little triangles off your mat and onto your nails? Easy peasy. Just wait for your pattern to dry completely, lift one triangle at a time with your hoofstick and apply to your nails. Press lightly to secure it in place and apply a top coat. Ta dah!

stencil decal triangle geometric nail design colourful delicate

I am also rather sneakily using this design as an entry to the weekly ABC Challenge. Have you heard of the ABC Challenge that I am talking part in? It's run by the super talented Emiline behind Nail Polish Society and every week we post a design that corresponds with a certain letter of the alphabet. This week it's all about the letter 'P' and so I did  'pattern'. You can join in anytime and if you need to know more about it, check out this blog post.

Have you tried any silicone mats? I wonder if they differ in any way...either way, I don't know how I managed without mine!? I've had it for about 10 months and I have to say I'm not missing the polish stains on my table. Xx

Olympics Video Tutorial: Negative Space Design

My flat has literally become a man cave. One could even assume there's NOTHING on TV other then the Olympics. Is it possible that a guy can like sports that much? I mean, every sport? It seems that my boyfriend does. Since I can't escape it, I decided to just go with it and I created a sporty negative space design using a few polishes from the Rio themed MeeBox (reviewed HERE).

Negative space nails bright Olympics edgy video tutorial

I actually wanted to do stripes because that's what comes to my mind when I think 'sport' but then I spotted this gorgeous design by Cubbiful and my mind was made up. I made a video for this design and it's now on my YouTube channel! That's right, I am now on YouTube so subscribe if you want to keep track of all the videos I'll be making! 

So remember when I said I don't really like watching sports that much? Well, it turns out it's not so bad. And also, I don't have a choice but we'll just look past that. Let's just make it a once in every 4 years thing, OK?! Have you been enjoying the Olympics? Xx

Ice Cream Nail Art Tutorial for Nail Spec

Do you know what I've been recently obsessed with? Toffee Cornettos. Seriously, I can't get enough! I am aware that my 'beach body' will not thank me for that but quite frankly, since summer decided not to show up this year, I officially decided not to give a crap.
Ice cream cornetto drips mint nail art tutorial

Ice cream nails have been done a hundred thousand times before, but somehow on my 2 year journey with this blog, I was yet to try it myself. I can see why this design is so popular now. It's very versatile and you can literally use any colours you like. I have also created a tutorial so if want to learn how to make these, keep reading! 
Mint flavour ice cream nails summer tutorial

For this design I went for mint flavoured ice cream. I created these for Nail Spec so if you want to find out all the tools and polishes I used, have a look at my post HERE. See you soon xx

ABC Challenge: N is for Nude

I had so many ideas for today's ABC Challenge but in the end I settled for 'Nude'. I'm not sure that was a good move. Did I tell you what happened to me last time I used that word in a title? Basically, I shared the post on social media and most platforms said it can't be viewed because the content was 'sensitive', seriously?!

nude nail art polka dot chrome rose gold

Anyway, I decided to go with something simple today. What could be simpler than a cute polka design, right? I used Models Own Chrome Copper over Collection Oyster Pearl. This nude from the 2 Step Solar Shine Gel range is rapidly becoming my favourite nude shade. The formula is spot on and I can see myself using it a lot during Autumn/Winter months. If you're interested in this collection, check out my recent designs using Sunset Pink, Caribbean Crush (coral) and Just Beachy (peach).

simple oyster nude copper nail art dotticure delicate

Don't forget to check out everyone else's designs! See you soon xx

Rio MeeBox: Swatches, Nail Art and Review

meebox ambassador review rio nail polish subscription box Let me just put it out there that I am not the biggest sports fan. I have a few favourite disciplines and games that I like watching but I don't think I'll be plastered to the TV to watch the Olympic Games this summer. Although I'm sure the TV WILL be on because that's one of the perks (or not) of having a boyfriend! However, the one thing I love about the Olympics is the opening ceremony because I love how the hosting country's culture is implemented into it. But why am I talking about sport on a nail art blog?? Because the newest MeeBox edition is all about the Olympic Games in Rio! I think the theme is very clever (no surprise there!) because even if you're not a fan of sporting events, the colours in this box are perfect for a summer mani. Right, that's enough chatter, let's have a look at what's in the box!


Morgan Taylor - Later Alligator* 

morgan taylor later alligator creme green swatch furiousfilerThis is such a beautiful green shade. It reminds me of the evergreen trees, it has that cold, almost blue tinge. The consistency was very creamy. Here I'm wearing 2 coats and no top coat.

Trust Fund Beauty - Denim with Diamonds*

trust fund beauty swatch denim with diamonds furiousfiler

One of the reasons I love MeeBox is that I get introduced to new brands, such as Trust Fund Beauty. I've never tried it before but I've heard about it and I was super excited to give it a go. 'Denim and Diamonds' is a vibrant blue with a dusting of shimmer. The formula was very easy to work with but jelly-like so I didn't manage to get it fully opaque despite applying 3 coats. I've made a mental note to check what it would look like over a white and black base.

Models Own - Luis Lemon*

luis lemon models own swatch neon highlighter yellow

Quick, put your sunnies on! This highlighter yellow has a sheer formula so I applied 2 coats over a white base. It literally hurts my eyes. I LOVE IT!<3

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder*

tweexy wearable nail polish holder how to use

I've seen this product popping up on my social media feed for quite some time now and if I'm honest I didn't see the appeal. So it's a nail polish holder...but can't you just put your bottle on the table? My mind was rapidly changed when I used it recently to paint my toe nails. I hate pretty much everything about pedicures. They are so uncomfortable and um no, I can't put my bottle on the table! Tweexy has really made the job easier as long as I remembered to keep my hand straight to avoid spilling my polish.

tweexy rubber matte polish holder close up reviewIt fitted most of my nail polish bottles apart from OPIs (which were popping out) and Nails Inc (which were too wide and rectangular). It has 2 stretchy rings attached at the bottom and it was really comfortable to wear. My fingers are rather thin but I used my boyfriend as a guinea pig (DON'T tell his mates!) and it feels comfortable on his hand too. 


Apart from 3 beautiful polishes, MeeBox have also included Deco It floral stickers* in their box. This summer Rio de Janeiro might be all about the Olympics but let's not forget that it's a tropical place full of beautiful nature! I kept thinking of women wearing (real) floral hair bands so I created little hair bands on my nails. I decided to keep it simple with a negative space half moon. I covered the border between my natural nail and the blue polish with a selection of the floral stickers. I sealed my design with a top coat.

negative spave floral stickers deco it nails blue

You can't possibly imagine how long this mani I'm about to show you has been on my 'to do' list. I don't know where it came from or if I saw it somewhere but for whatever reason, I really wanted to create a smooshy design with bright blue, green and yellow shades. The problem was I didn't really have that many bright shades. Oh, and I can't do a smooshy design. A small, insignificant detail! I had a few goes at these and I think this is the best I can do at this point. Most of the time I just managed to merge all the colours into one ( to much smooshing??) but I'm quite pleased with how these turned out! I added a few studs from the Red Carpet themed MeeBox I reviewed back in February.

smoosh neon yellow nail design studs rio olympics

What do you think about the Rio edit MeeBox and my designs? Are you a sports fan? I still feel like I'm missing that sporty vibe so stay tuned, there might be more designs using these beauties very soon. Xx

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ABC Challenge: M is for Mandala Nails

It's time for another ABC Challenge and this week it's all about the letter 'M'. I didn't actually have any ideas for this prompt so in moments like these I just do whatever I feel like and see how it goes. Well, it looks like it's a mandala design for you today!

mandala stamp bm-s101 marble swooshy #nailpolishsocietyabc furious filer

I wore this design on holidays (well, the first few days) and I really like how subtle it looked plus, I haven't had red nails in forever! Recently, MoYou London released new mandala and arabesque themed stamping plates and I have been obsessed ever since I laid my eyes on them so I wanted to create something similar. And, surprise surprise, there it was in my draw, the Bundle Monster Shangri-La Collection full of mandala patterns! Totally forgot about it! For this design I used BM-S101 plate. 

nail art challenge chrome copper pattern mandala red

If you read my blog then you know that I recently won a set of Collection polishes in a giveaway and I am slowly going through all the shades. Here I used Just Beachy 'sponged' over Caribbean Crush with a cling film ball. I used Models Own Chrome Copper for stamping.

chrome copper macro mandala shangri-la stamping pattern

I am *a tad* obsessed with this pattern so you can expect a mandala design popping up on here again soon! What do you think about it? Anything you are currently obsessed with? Don't forget to check out what everyone else came up with. To find out more about the ABC Challenge, check out this blog post by The Nail Polish Society. Xx

ABC Challenge: L is for Lines

My trip away to Poland has almost come to an end so I'm back today with another ABC Challenge post after missing quite a few prompts. This week we are all about designs starting with the letter L and I went for 'Lines'. I do love a good geometric design but I did this one in Poland and there's just something about not doing it at your own desk with your own lamp, do you know what I mean? I feel like they are not quite um, polished enough! ;)

gradient bright checkered grid geometric nails summery

I have recently won a set of Collection polishes in a giveaway hosted by Vicky from The Polish List. I'll be featuring most of them in my nail art at some point but I was itching to try the juicy pink first. I know Vicky would approve! I created a gradient using Collection Sunset Pink 5 and Color Club Disco Dress*. I added a checkered stamp from Bundle Monster BMXL-201* plate that featured in April's MeeBox. You can check out the review, plate patterns and more designs here. I used MoYou London Black Knight to pick up the design and Clear Jelly Stamper* to apply it, otherwise it would have been a right mess!

geometric stamp collection solar shine sunset pink gradient

I sealed my design with my trusted Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat because I'm on holidays and ain't nobody got time to wait for polish to dry! What do you think about my design? Don't forget to check out what everyone else came up with! Xx