The Edge Nails: Annika Nail Colour Review

The Edge Nails annika review swatch furious filer

One of the best things about blogging has to be finding great brands and sharing my experience with you. So today I'm super excited to show you four shades from the 'new to me' brand, The Edge Nails. They released a new range called Annika and I am seriously impressed with all the colours I've tested. Let's have a look.

Annika deep velvet red vampy swatch Edge Nails

Deep Velvet* is my absolute favourite. It's a deep red packed with red shimmer. It's one of those shades that I can totally see myself reaching for to spice up a vampy Halloween outfit or to create festive Christmas nails (yes, I said the C word). This was 2 easy coats with no top coat. 

Red gold shimmer swatch annika true love

True Love* is a pretty warm red shade with gold shimmer. The formula was very good and easy to work with but even after 3 coats you can still just about see my nail line. I'm not wearing a top coat in the picture.

Annika Edge Nails grey creme gel effect swatch

Clean Slate* is a creme grey that was fully opaque in 2 coats. That in itself may not be unusual but the gloss, OMG, and I'm not even wearing a top coat. It also looked very plump as if I was wearing a gel polish. Very impressed!

Violet creme edge nails annika swatch furious filer

Drama Queen* is a beautiful cold tone violet creme. It's just as glossy and gel-like as Clean Slate*. This is 2 coats and no top coat. 

So there you have it, four beautiful Annika shades. The Edge Nails mostly caters to nail salons and professionals and I'm not surprised, I wouldn't mind getting my nails done with these! I visited The Edge Nails at their stand at Olympia Beauty earlier this month and there really was a huge amount of colours in this range. You can get your hands on them at and for just £3.36 (at the time of writing) you really are getting a great product. Also, if you follow me on Instagram then you may know that the latest MeeBox landed on my doorstep yesterday and it also features another Annika shade! Tune in at the end of this week to find out all about it! See you soon xx

* Products in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Cuccio Colour Cruise Collection

cuccio nail polish review jewellery ring metallic nude furious filerThe two shades I'm about to show you today are from this year's spring/summer Cuccio collection. Yes, I am aware it's autumn and the reds and purples are stealing the thunder but I actually like to reach for soft and nude shades this time of the year too. I picked these up at the Olympia Beauty Show a few weeks ago. Best. Decision. EVER!

Message in a Bottle

cuccio message in a bottle swatch furious filer

This shade is soo me! It's a gorgeous delicate violet with a peach shimmer. The formula is a little sheer so I needed 3 coats for full coverage. However the layers didn't take particularly long to dry and there were no streaks, which are not uncommon with shimmery polishes. 

cuccio colour cruise collection violet peach shimmer

Pier Pressure

cuccio pier pressure swatch furious filer nude delicate

It's so difficult to find a good nude varnish but let me tell you, this one is amazing! It was opaque in 2 coats and I thought I might need a third one but before I knew it, the polish leveled itself out. I'm struggling a bit to describe this shade. It's like a nude mixed with hints of peach and pink. And isn't the name just so fitting for a Cruise theme? I know, perhaps that's hardly an important matter but hey, I look at all the aspects of a nail polish. It's kinda what I do here!

nude nail polish pier pressure furious filer review

Blingy Nail Art 

rhinestones beads triping tape violet accent nail furious filer

I created a simple accent nail because this shade is so beautiful, I didn't want to cover it up. The tape and rhinestones are from Born Pretty Store. Don't forget that if you shop at, you can use my code SXL91 for 10% off.

macro pearl bling peach shimmer violet furious filer

What do you think about the shades and nail art? I'm really into my blingy accent nails recently! Check out my oriental and drag marble designs for more inspo. See you soon!

My Day at Olympia Beauty 2016

Have you heard about Olympia Beauty? It's an annual trading event for everyone interested in nails but also makeup and skin care amongst many things. I found out about it a bit too late last year, just as I was really getting into nails, and I vowed to see what the event is all about next time. And by vowed I mean, I literally booked my ticket as soon as they were available and marked the date in my calendar. Yeah, I was just a *tiny* bit keen.

olympia beauty 2016 review trading event furious filer

I decided to attend the first day of the (two-day) event which took place on the 2nd of October in London. I'd hoped to take a train early in the morning but it was cancelled so I spent an hour of my Sunday morning, sitting on a cold metal chair, waiting (praying) there would be some sort of train update. Instead, the only update I got was not to cross the train tracks to catch a Pokemon.

Once I eventually got there, the place was heaving! Every brand had its space with all the products, services and demos available. For the first hour, I had 'a quick' look around, snapped some pictures and talked to a few representatives. It was impossible to visit and have a look through products at every stall, mostly because there were so many of them and so many ladies with massive bags buying stuff in bulk (I'm assuming!). Not that I can blame them, the prices were a lot lower to those I've seen in the shops and online so it was definitely a great opportunity to stock up if you are a professional or an enthusiast.

inglot nail polish blogger olympia beauty 2016 report

cuccio nail polish olympia beauty 2016 furious filer

At about midday, I met up with my girl Bee and we had our manis done at the Faby stall. Bee is a part of a nail subscription box called MeeBox. I am their ambassador so I'm sure you've heard me banging on about it every time a new box gets through my letterbox. You can't really blame me, the stuff they come up with is amazing! In case you missed it, you can check out what was inside the latest Pumpkin Spice themed box HERE

faby nail polish olympia beauty event 2016

As I said, we got our nails done and I went for a gorgeous classic metallic red. For whatever reason, my phone says I have no pictures of it but I'm sure I took some. Technology! That reminds me if you are wondering why the pictures are not quite the same quality as usual, it's because I was using my compact camera at the event. Somehow, I just couldn't bear the thought of carrying a super heavy DSLR with me!

olympia beauty furious filer nails inc paint can

I picked up a few things from a few different brands and even received some samples. I really wish I bought more! I didn't account for the amount of products that I didn't even know I want and it all got too overwhelming for me. I can't believe I missed out on getting a Nails Inc Paint Can. I mean, it was right there in front of me! Next time, I'm definitely making a list beforehand.

olympia beauty furious filer cuccio faby morganr taylor

The first review of some of my goodies is coming next so watch this space! I'm really glad that I finally got to experience what this event was all about. I'm definitely booking my ticket for next year. I think from a blogger's point of view, it was really inspiring to be amongst such driven people who share my passion for nails. A special thank you to Bee for getting us an amazing manicure and for hanging out with me! Did you go to Olympia Beauty this year? I know some of you did and I wish we got to meet. You can find out all about the event HERE.

See you soon xx

31 Day Challenge 2016 Round Up

The 31 Challenge is officially over. FINALLY! I decided to do a little round up post because I think I need to have all the designs in one place just to believe that I actually did it. I linked all the pictures to the relevant blog posts in case you missed any or want to find out all about the products I used. Let's have a look!

Mother of pearl  paper drag marble cat's eye effect  DAY 4: Green Stripe                    DAY 5: Blue Dry Marble                 DAY 6: Violet Cat's Eye Effect 
Black and white metallic video tutorial nimbus technique nail art
     DAY 7: Black and White             DAY 8: Metallic Leaves (Video Tutorial)       Day 9: Rainbow  
Delicate nude gradient 3D polka dots note book nails
     DAY 10: Delicate Gradient              DAY 11: 3D Polka Dots                    DAY 12: Back to School
Snake skin nails Pantone colours 2016 serenity rose quartz
     DAY 13: Snake Skin                         DAY 14: Pantone Flowers                 DAY 15: Delicate Print
Honeycomb rodarte glitter cuticles lace collars nails
     DAY 16: Geometric                          DAY 17: Glitter Cuticles Trend         DAY 18: Lace Collars
Metallic water marble Galaxy Autumn fall nail art
     DAY 19: Night Sky                            DAY 20: Metallic Water Marble       DAY 21: Autumn Leaves
Colouring book doodles aw16 trends florals nail art
    DAY 22: Oriental Design                     DAY 24: Colouring Book               DAY 25: AW16 Florals
tartan jumper pattern formula 1 New Zealand silver fern
     DAY 26: VB Tartan                              DAY 27: NZ Silver Fern                   DAY 28: Formula 1
Pokemon jigglypuff nail art coffee pattern pumpkin spice
      DAY 29: Jigglypuff                                                          DAY 30: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Do you have a favourite design? I can't really choose just one, but it's, I can't even narrow it down, they're all my babies! I definitely had a few 'furious moments' during the past month, but I actually really enjoyed the challenge this year. I tried a few techniques I haven't done for a while and I had an epiphany about hand painted manicures. Apparently, they don't take ages to do like I previously thought. Let's face it, knowing that you have one day to come up with a design will give you that attitude! Did you take part this year? 

Pumpkin Spice MeeBox: Swatches, Nail Art and Review

According to my social media feed, the season of the pumpkin spice latte has begun. I wouldn't know, I don't drink coffee! I also never had pumpkin spiced anything so you might begin to sense I'm a little behind on the subject. However, my new MeeBox has arrived and with a little help from Google I am now in the loop! The Pumpkin Spice box has you ready for Autumn with three gorgeous shades and a stamping set full of nature and food inspired images and adorable phrases. Let's have a look!

Furious filer MeeBox ambassador pumpkin spice nail subscription box

Leighton Denny 'Venus Desire'*

Leighton Denny swatch Venus desire bronze shimmer

My favourite polish from the mix! It's opaque in 2 coats and it's packed full of beautiful gold/bronze shimmer. Shown here without a top coat.

C&E 'Clementine/Mandarine'*

Crabtree & Evelyn C&E Mandarine clementine orange swatch shimmer

With a theme like Pumpkin Spice I just had to prepare myself for the possibility of an orange polish and here it is! Thankfully it's leaning slightly towards red and it has a pretty orange shimmer running through it. The formula was spot on and here I'm wearing 2 coats. No, I'm not converted, orange remains my least favourite shade but I can't deny this is a lovely polish. 

Lauren B Beauty 'Nude No.1'*

Lauren b beauty nude no.1 swatch furious filer

The formula was a little sheer so I needed 3 coats for a full coverage. The shade is really pretty and all 3 layers surprisingly dried really fast. It's a very pretty warm shade of nude. Shown here without a top coat.

Bundle Monster Monocle XL Stamper and Scraper*

Bundle monster clear monocle XL stamper scraper review

What a treat this is! The see-through stamper makes it so easy to apply your designs exactly where you want them and, depending on your nail length, you could probably stamp a few nails in one go. The stamper is huge and it does its job well. It's 4cm in diameter and it's rather on the firm side. My nails are very curved but I prefer firm stampers as sometimes the very squishy ones distort the image for me. I love that it also comes with a protective cap to keep the silicone scratch and tear-free. The scraper is firm so it holds its shape well but it's also easy to use. I also noticed that the pattern on it doesn't immediately dissolve once it's been cleaned with a nail polish remover which is a bonus. 

Bundle Monster BM-S207 plate*

Bundle monster BM-s207 stamping plate review Autumn

It's a square 5,5cm x 5,5 cm plate. It features all sorts of items that just scream Autumn! I think my favourite has to be the cute phrases like 'Fuzzy Sweaters' and 'Hot Cocoa'. It just makes me want to wrap up in a blanket by the fire. Or your know, the TV, in my case! The plate was really easy to use and even the tiny writing and images transferred well.

Nail Art

As I said before, I had a little research session on the whole pumpkin spice thing to get some inspiration for my designs. Let me tell you, some of the things I saw, I wish I could unsee. It turned out you can literally 'pumpkin spice' anything from all different kinds of food to things that a) are not appropriate to mention on this blog, b) no one needs, and c) just no, k?

Coffee pumpkin spice latte nail art orange furious filer

For those exact reasons I decided to focus on coffee, literally! One of the phrases on the stamping plate says 'Pumpkin Latte' which gave me an idea to draw an actual coffee cup. I used all 3 shades and since the Bundle Monster stamper is see through, it was easy to place the words exactly where I wanted them.

Pumpkin latte nail art furious filer macro orange Starbucks

The polishes in this box are not strictly speaking stamping polishes but the orange and brown transferred the image well when stamped over Lauren B Beauty 'Nude No.1'*. I used Leighton Denny 'Venus Desire'* and Crabtree & Evelyn 'Clementine/Mandarine'* to pick up the plate's pattern and created a fun double stamping design. The polishes give a delicate outline which I think works great for this look. 

Fall Autumn nails BM-s207 double stamping furious filer

Did you catch my coffee drag marble design from yesterday? I used all of these polishes too and you can check it out the post here if you missed it.

coffee drag marble nail art pumpkin latte furious filer

So what do you think about the box? I think all the shades and tools work amazing with the theme. Even if you're not into pumpkin spice things, this box is perfect for a fall manicure. You can find out all about MeeBox and subscribe on their website. See you soon! Xx

31 Day Challenge: Coffee Drag Marble

Do you ever watch tutorials and think, I can totally do that, just to fail miserably? I think we've all been there. However this particular tutorial that inspired today's design was tormenting me for months! It turns out there are worse things than painting flowers. I present to you, drag marble!

drag marble #31dc2016 furious filer decals uber mat

The tutorial I chose for today was done by Sveta Sanders and it shows you how to create this coffee-like pattern. Technically speaking, I think this kind of design was first done directly on the nail but for that you need to have the patience of a saint. This is where my Uber Chic Uber Mat comes in. You can try and fail probably a hundred times before you run out of work space. It took me good 5-6 times to get my pattern right but I've done it eventually and feel pretty smug right now!

coffee pattern leaf gold shimmer autumn fall nails


Lauren B Beauty Nude No.1* - C&E Clementine/Mandarine* - Laighton Denny Venus Desire* - Uber Chic Uber Mat - Winstonia striper brush

macro nail art close up coffee drag marble

All the shades I used featured in the Pumpkin Spice themed MeeBox* so I just had to go for a coffee pattern. Stay tuned for a review of all the goodies! What do you think of my design? Xx

31 Day Challenge: Jigglypuff

The more I look at it, the more I wonder whether you can tell what's on my nails without looking at the title? Or perhaps you already looked and still have no clue? Let me give you a little clue...*clears throat*...'Gotta catch 'em all, gotta catch 'em aaaaall!'. You guessed it, today's design for 'inspired by supernatural' features Pokemon!

Pokemon furious filer negative space nail art neon

You might or might not know, Jigglypuff's 'power' was singing people to sleep hence the microphone on my pinky. I'm not even going to discuss how nerdy that sentence was. Swiftly moving on! At least it was a great excuse to use the bright pinky/peachy Color Club shade (swatched here) given that summer is long gone now.

Pink Kawaii cute nail art Pokemon anime


Beauty UK Gun Metal - Color Club Hot Hot Hot Pants* - MoYou London Black/White Knight - OPI Rich Girls and Po-Boys - Barry M Aloha

This turned out to be quite a fun prompt for me. What do you think about this design? You might want to google what jigglypuff looks like in case you weren't a child through the Naughties or/and you're not a nerd!

31 Day Challenge: Formula 1

The flag prompt day is finally here and it's the one I've been dreading the most. I've had my idea ready but when it came to executing it, I got yet another chance during this challenge to question my sanity. I mean seriously, who in their right mind chooses to DRAW a checkered design?! In my defence, I was sure I had a plate with that pattern. I was wrong. 

Checkered flag formula 1 f1 nails furious filer

The inspiration for today's design came from the Formula 1 flag. I enjoy watching it and to be honest, it's one of a few sports that doesn't bore me stiff. I took me *a few* attempts to get the pattern right...ish but honestly I just couldn't face doing it again. I painted a Mercedes sign over a metallic base, which I thought would resemble a popular car shade well. 

Mercedes sign silver metallic sport f1 chrome racing

Barry M Black - Barry M White - Wah London Love My Team* - Beauty UK Olympic Silver

What do you think? Do you like watching F1? I'm so glad this prompt is over and done with! Let's not do that again. See you tomorrow xx

31 Day Challenge: Silver Fern

Last year I visited New Zealand and I swear it has every single geographical feature known to man. Beaches, mountains, forests, volcanoes, you name it, that county's got it! Still, it felt like no matter where I went, silver ferns were always around. The locals told me that its unfurling leaf was the symbol of New Zealand and it features in a lot of Māori art. In today's design we take inspiration from artwork so can you see where I'm going with this?

#31dc2016 maori art silver fern furious filer leaves

I started with one of my favourite shades ever, Ciate Sugar Plum. I added a layer of Cuccio Fever of Love*. This polish is amazing! I then stamped a leafy design from the MoYou London Enchanted 01 plate using MoYou White Knight stamping polish. I love how the glitter peeks through the pattern! I hand painted the silver fern on my ring finger and sealed my design with a layer of top coat. 

maori silver fern unfurling nail art glitter stamp

moyou enchanted leaf design stamp sweet cute nails

I realise that the colour combo may not be typical of your leafy designs or New Zealand for that matter. If you're a regular reader then you know that I love purple and it seemed like the perfect colour to match with my favourite place on earth. Every time I looked at this design it brought back memories and I was so sad to take it off! 

sweet pink glitter nail design girly #31dc2016 silver fern

Ok, that's quite enough of the sop-fest, I think. I'll see you tomorrow where I'll be back to my sarky self! Xx 

31 Day Challenge: Victoria Beckham Inspired Tartan

Is there a pattern that says Autumn more than tartan?! I don't think so. Since September is the month of the fashion week, for today's design I took my inspiration from Victoria Beckham's AW16 tartan coats and jackets. I love the combination of greys with a bit of vibrant orangey red coming through.

#31dc2016 furious filer tartan tweed aw16 nail art

I loved creating this design as it involves using my beloved striping brush. A pattern and stripes together, it honestly doesn't get better than that for me! It took me a while to figure out when to paint certain lines so I've made a tutorial in case you're struggling with it too! Keep an eye for it over at Nail Spec.

Nail art tutorial fashion Victoria Beckham aw16 stripes


HJ Manicure Subzero* - Golden Rose Rich Color 102 - OPI I Am What I Athethyst - Barry M Coral 

Like cosy patterns? Check out my knitted sweater design I created for the pattern prompt last year. See you tomorrow xx