31 Day Challenge: Colouring Book

Let's pretend I didn't miss yesterday's prompt and skip straight to my 'inspired by a book' design. Instead of thinking about it in terms of books I've read, this look was inspired by doodles in colouring books! That's not cheating...is it?

#3dc2016 colouring book doodles furious filer nailart

Either way, I love this design so much, mostly because I rediscovered my Maybelline 'Winter Baby' soft white and I'm a bit obsessed with it. I featured it in my recent oriental manicure too. Check it out here, if you missed it. The polish just gives a lot more of a subtle look as opposed to a heavy chalky kind of effect. I stamped my doodles using one of the Bundle Monster plate from their Shangri-La collection, BM-S105. I used MoYou London Black Knight and a Clear Jelly Stamper* to pick up the design. I sealed the look with my Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat.

doodles b&w jelly scribbles delicate #31dc2016

I coloured in a few shapes because you know, that's what colouring books are for after all! I used two holographic jelly polishes by Danglefoot Polish, 'Bra Off, Hair Up' and 'Bad Hair Day'. What do you think about it? See you tomorrow! Xx

31 Day Challenge: Oriental Nail Art

Either my memory is failing me or I have never done an oriental manicure before. Until now! Today's 31 Day Challenge design is supposed to be 'inspired by a song' and I chose one of my all time favourites 'Walking on a Dream' by Empire of the Sun. 

furious filer rhinestones beads oriental asian floral bling

The video to this song was what inspired this design. It has a ton of oriental elements so I decided to implement a bit of that into my manicure. After consulting my BFF Google, I spotted a few traditional Chinese dress patterns and blingy hair accessories and thought, bingo!

oriental #31dc2016 moyou pro xl 11 asian dress

Maybelline Uptown Blue - Models Own Chrome Gold - Maybelline Winter Baby - MoYou London Pro XL 11 plate - Clear Jelly Stamper* - Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat

rhinestones nude marco close up nails beads gemstones

I'm so in love with the bling nails, I had to take a close up! What do you guys think about my design? Do you know the song? Check it out here, it has a happy beat and it's just a feel good tune! 

See you tomorrow xx

31 Day Challenge: Red Autumn Leaves

It's the first day of Autumn tomorrow and I have a matching manicure to go with it. Yes, days may be lasting about 5 minutes from now on but the beautiful leaves provide a great nail inspo! I added a few on my accent nail using the reverse stamping technique.

Autumn fall nail art leaf stamp furious filer


MoYou London Black Knight - 'Ard as Nails #PopYourCherry* - 'Ard as Nails CBJ's Lil' Star* - Ciate Iced Frappe - Miss Sporty 4252 - Clear Jelly Stamper* (reviewed here) - MoYou London Mother Nature 07 plate 

autumn nails leaves accent nails holographicholo polish

What do you think about my design? See you tomorrow!

31 Day Challenge: Stone Inspired Water Marble

I don't do water marble very often, but when I do, you bet it's going to be stone inspired! One of the reasons I love this technique is because you can tweak the pattern until you're happy with it. Yeah, that's about it. The rest is a nightmare which is just what everybody expects from water marble!

Water marble stone agate #31dc2016  metallic furious filer

I started with my base, A England Cathy, which is just gorgeous. I then used Models Own Chrome Mauve and a clear polish to create water marble.

Gemstone  water marble Geode agate a England Cathy

I'm in love with the fine lines I managed to create. I say managed, because it was totally accidental. I started swirling the metallic and clear polish in my cup of water but I got a bit carried away and everything started separating. I know, I'm such a pro at this! Anyway, I thought I'd made a booboo but it resulted in these thin lines that reminded me of an agate or something so I decided to keep it. A good choice, if I do say so myself!

nail art macro water marble beauty blogger furious filer

If stone designs are your thing, have a look at my glittery geode manicure. Ten days to go, people. TEN DAYS! :D 

31 Day Challenge: B&W Galaxy Nails

Did you know that this is the second time I've taken part in the 31 Day challenge? It's also the second time I've struggled with this prompt. I mean, galaxy doesn't sound that complicated, does it? No, but I had the clever idea of creating JUPITER. Yep, I even planned to include the massive storm on its surface...ha...hahhaah...hahah...HA! (That's a fake laugh, btw)

galaxy furious filer crescent moon stars b&w #31dc2016

Fortunately I saw reason just in time. I mean it's still today for like, another 2 hours. I couldn't really face blending a thousand shades to create a proper galaxy design so I settled for something simple with an accent nail. Somehow, everything is free handed. I'm not sure how I managed that but I feel pretty smug right now! The crescent moon on my ring finger is inspired by this gorgeous pendant I found on Etsy. 

moon stars crescent moon jewellery tribal 3d freehand

Barry M Cotton - Barry M Black - Golden Rose Paris 52 - Models Own Chrome Copper

I'm super happy with how this b&w manicure turned out, even if it's not Jupiter. I don't even know why I've been obsessing over this idea for so long. First of all, Jupiter is primarily orange. I don't think there's even a need for a second point. See you all tomorrow! Xx

31 Day Challenge: Half Moon Vintage Lace

How about something vintage today? I love a good old lace design and I thought, why not pair it with my recent favourite purple, 'Ard as Nails Crime Book Junkie* (swatched here). Let's have a look!

Furious filer lace vintage collar half moon holographic

Let me break this look down for you. On my index and middle fingers I applied 2 layers of my purple base. Once it was dry, I added a lace pattern from the Bundle Monster BMXL-201* plate (reviewed here). On the rest of my nails I started by creating negative space half moons since you know, that's what today is all about! I hand painted my collars outline and I was going to leave them like that but they looked a little empty and sad so I added lace too. Stamping the lace over such a tiny space was a bit tricky but I managed in the end! I finished the design with a pair of purple rhinestones and a layer of top coat.

#31dc2016 bmxl-201 stamping lace rhinestones vintage half moon

I'm totally in love with this look, I've wanted to do collar nails for so long! Sigh, this one is going to be tough to take off tonight! Fancy something sparkly? Have a look at my half moon design from last year ;) 

Until tomorrow xx

NYFW: Rodarte Glitter Cuticles Trend

Yes, there is glitter all over my cuticles. And yes, my eyes have recovered from yesterday, thanks. Since September is all about the fashion week, I thought it would be a good idea to try a few nail trends I spotted on the catwalk. This particular design was seen at New York Fashion Week. It was created by Tracylee for Rodarte and it seemed like the perfect choice for today's 31 Day Challenge glitter prompt.

Nail trend NYFW glitter cuticles furious filer nude ss17

I started with 3 layers of Mavala Mava White Optical Nail Whitener because I love how fresh this shade is. I then used a striping brush dipped in A England 'And the Moonbeams' and outlined my entire nail a few times. I didn't apply top coat because I like the soft finish of the polish and I don't think that would help with the glitter removal. I have to say I was worried it would take forever to get it off but surprisingly it wasn't really an issue. 

gold glitter a england new trend nail industry tracylee

I would have never thought of painting my cuticles before because I feel like the nail art community is so obsessed with a perfect cuticle clean up. That's probably what drew me to this design in the first place, it's so unusual. Although I probably wouldn't wear this manicure on a daily basis for practical reasons, it was a really fun experiment. And let's face it, everything to do with the nail industry interests me so if there's a new trend on the horizon, you bet I'm going to try it! 

What do you think about it? Yay or nay? Xx

31 Day Challenge: Geometric + Negative Space

You would think that when you take part in a huge nail art challenge, it would be a good idea to prepare a few designs in advance, right? Yes, it would, but did I do it? Of course not and now I'm paying for it because during such a long challenge things are bound to go wrong. More about that later. Now let's look at today's design before I really start ranting!

#31dc2016 furious filer stamping burgundy autumn fall nails

A geometric design was always going to be my favourite prompt. I may love it but I really couldn't face painting my nails last night so I left it until today because you know, NOTHING goes wrong when you leave things to the last minute. For example, it's totally unlikely that you forget about an eye test which involves some eye drops that sting like a bitch and make your vision blurry for half a day. I'm not 100% sure how I managed to edit these pics not to mention you know, actually painting the design?! As my vision is getting back to normal I can see that it's not as neat as I'd like it to be but hey, it is what it is.

geometric, honeycomb, negative space, stripes, nail art, colourblock

Polishes & Tools
Nails Inc Kensington High Street - Nails Inc Old Burlington Street* - MoYou London White Knight - Glisten&Glow HK Girl top coat - Bundle Monster BMXL-201 plate* (reviewed HERE)

This particular design was inspired by this manicure  by Mary Monkett. I am absolutely in love with everything she creates! See you tomorrow! Xx

31 Day Challenge: Delicate Print

Yes, you're seeing it right, today's manicure features flowers. I know, totally out of character. Although...didn't I just post a floral design yesterday? Ok, so maybe I did but don't judge me, I didn't have a choice!

furious filer delicate #31dc2016 nicole diary water decals

I really didn't have much time last night to paint my nails so for that extra oomph I added water decals. These are from Nicole Diary (number 08*) and I am hoping to feature a few different designs by the time this challenge is over. The thing I notice with these straight away was that they had to be submerged in water for a bit longer for the backing paper to come off. Other than that they were durable and didn't have that 'plastic' or 'tissue paper' feel. Those often rip when I try to adjust them on my nails. The decals feature a delicate floral pattern on 2 strips of paper as opposed to an individual piece for each nail, so you can choose whatever part of the design you like.

macro florals studs water decals review dry brush

Here's a little close up. I added a delicate dry brush under my decals* using Maybelline Mint for Life and Models Own Chrome Gold.  The studs are from Born Pretty Store. If you shop at bornprettystore.com don't forget to use my code SXL for 10% OFF at checkout. Until tomorrow where the madness continues! Xx 

31 Day Challenge: Flowers with Pantone Colours of 2016

Today's prompt is the one I was looking forward to the least. If you read my blog regularly then you know I'm not massively into flowers and that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I can't paint them. Ok, maybe a teensy tiny bit. Fortunately, there is always a dotting tool to come to the rescue! That I can deal with. 

pantone 2016 furious filer #31dc2016 serenity rose quartz

It dawned on me that we are coming towards autumn and I still haven't done a manicure with this year's Pantone colours, Serenity (light blue) and Rose Quartz (light pink). I find it quite a romantic combination so I wanted to add a bit of edge by adding a negative space element. I used straight vinyls from Shesellsseashells.co.uk and made the flowers out of dots on the sides. 

pastel pink blue negative space stripes nail art

Polishes & Tools
OPI Hawaiian Orchid - Cuccio Under a Blue Moon* - Barry M Huckleberry - WetnWild Ready to Propose - large dotting tool - straight vinyls from shesellsseashells.co.uk

Look out for a tutorial on these soon on Nail Spec. Do you have a least favourite prompt of this challenge? See you tomorrow and don't forget to check out the creations of the talented ladies that also take part in the 31 Day Challenge!